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Vicious Girl Fight in the Bathroom

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here’s another heartwarming christmas story uh around christmas time in uh two thousand seven the case is now being adjudicated but the altercation happened in oh seven former playboy model Louise Glover she’s now twenty six she posed semi naked in some magazines and newspapers at the time she was dressed in a nice pink santa outfit, very hot, very cute everybody’s having fun her husband’s there and so are a number of other women that were also models, some were and some weren’t and um she thought that they were kinda looking at her husband a little bit so they’re in the bathroom and they’re conversating over this I love that word or non word and uh and she keeps wavering a little bit between oh it’s okay to getting really angry and she seems like she’s alright one moment and then some drink spills on somebody and then all the sudden boom she loses it again and she grabs the woman who she thinks was looking at her husband and smashes her head against the toilet ten times okay, I mean, look it’s a cat fight there are models involved we’re supposed to be turned on we are the young turks but it’s pretty nasty man and the woman’s nose is horribly broken she said it’s on the other side of her face she’s bleeding everywhere and then she dips her head into the toilet she can’t breath in through her nose now she can’t breath through her mouth I mean this things really screwed up this is crazy this is cat fights gone wrong and then finally you know lets her up etc and they separate them and so of course now she’s being brought to trial and and uh she was convicted in Hope Crown Court in England and when she got convicted she fainted, sobbed and wailed but honey what did you think was going to happen I mean you kicked the living shit out of that poor girl and the reality is she probably didn’t even look at your husband and you’re a psycho I mean what I’m amazed by is that people get surprised if you smash somebodies head into a porcelain toilet ten time and you break their nose what did you think was going to happen I mean if you don’t go to jail for that what do you go to jail for right, she’s like all right oh my god I can’t believe it I’m going to jail just cause I rearranged her face for no apparent reason I didn’t see this coming all right well then it’s a sad day for you and we’ll see how much time she gets behind bars but that’s a serious offense man and I don’t care how good you look in that pink santa outfit you got to go away

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