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This Democrat Isn’t Afraid To Call Wall Street The Enemy

Jim Keady is running a grassroots progressive campaign for Congress. Learn more about Jim Keady here:

Watch the full episode of Aggressive Progressives here:

“On March 29 Villanova University hosted Jim Keady, speaker for the Oscar Romero Solidarity Lecture. Keady discussed Nike sweatshop labor, his personal experiences in Nike’s sweatshops, and his battles as an activist. Keady had visited Villanova in December of 2011, but in light of Nike’s recent worker’s rights violations surrounding Villanova’s contracts with Nike, Keady’s challenged students to take action on campus and through their purchasing power.

Yvonne Nguyen, sophomore President of Villanovans Against Sweatshops (VAS), says, “Villanovans Against Sweatshops is committed to exposing the extremely unethical workplace conditions that Nike’s workers endure with our one demand: Nike must allow full, independent access for an independent monitoring agency, namely the Workers’ Rights Consortium (WRC), into all Nike factories.””*

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