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The Vergecast 048: A week with the iPhone 5

Come on in, friend. Pull up a chair. Make yourself comfortable. It’s time to talk tech. It’s time to talk life. It’s time for another Vergecast. On this week’s episode, our man on the ground Dieter Bohn calls in with the latest news from BlackBerry Jam. David stops by to share the latest trends in cameras from Photokina 2012, along with his experience with the new Nook HD. Nilay shares his thoughts on the recent broadband speech from FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. Ross? He’s there for whatever reason. And a week after his iPhone 5 review, Josh has some new thoughts and scuffs to share. Also, Josh takes a trip down memory lane to reveal his past life as a tech support operator for a ISP.

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00:01:45 – RIM reports loss of $235 million, 7.4 million smartphones shipped in Q2 2013
00:05:50 – BlackBerry 10 Beta 3 hands-on photos and video
00:20:20 – Watch this: RIM’s disastrously bad music video aimed at developers
00:26:00 – iPhone 5 owners report scuffs and scratches out of the box
00:26:20 – iPhone 5 sales exceed five million after first weekend, more than 100 million devices updated to iOS 6
00:30:05 – Wrong turn: Apple’s buggy iOS 6 maps lead to widespread complaints
00:34:00 – Apple had over a year left on Google Maps contract, Google scrambling to build iOS app
00:44:50 – FCC chairman says we need faster internet sooner, defends role as a ‘cop on the beat’
00:45:56 – FCC will review objections to AT&T’s FaceTime blocking, ‘exercise our responsibilities’ if necessary
00:55:15 – Barnes & Noble fires back at Amazon with new Nook HD and HD+ tablets, starting at $199
01:17:40 – Full-frame goes mainstream: your next camera’s must-have feature
01:21:35 – Leica M video hands-on
01:29:45 – On The Verge GIF-away — win a Ford Focus Electric! More from The Verge:

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