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NBA Star’s Wife Fighting Reporter

Laura Lane never saw this coming when she started her own blog.

Lane, a Los Angeles-based writer for ESPN The Magazine, became a story Tuesday for an item she posted on her blog, ridethefastlane.com, recounting a verbal attack by Vanessa Bryant, wife of Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe.

Lane wrote: “(Friday) night, I got cussed out by Vanessa Bryant. Seriously. At the Lakers game. In front of her kids. In front of the Lakers locker room. It was awesome. She is mad about an article I wrote.”

This is what Lane wrote for ESPN the Magazine during the Lakers-Utah Jazz playoff series:

“Vanessa, who is usually prim and proper in all black, has decided to have fun tonight. … She’s wearing a white tube dress, a purple tutu, black leggings, high-heeled short boots and a rhinestone-encrusted white leather jacket with the number 8 on the back, Kobe’s old number. … Bryant’s kids have recently started playing soccer in addition to gymnastics, ballet and hip-hop. ‘I’m like a total soccer mom,’ Vanessa says.”

Bryant responded with a profanity-laced tirade, Lane wrote in her blog: “How dare you write about me and my daughters and their schedule! You didn’t say you were writing an article! … You have no journalism ethics!”

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