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Introducing: The Mobile Oval (in 360), Ep. 1

The Mobile Oval is a scripted series following a team of museum curators building a traveling replica oval office exhibit for President Bill Clinton. The series is presented in 360 video and was produced by TYT Network and Canvas Media Studios.

Credits: Episode 1

Created by Bernie Su

Kerri Atherton – Meg Cionni
Blake Riley – Charlie Bodin
Chris Lowell- Dingani Beza
Rachel Holder – Jackie Koppell
Leonardo Watanabe – Tohoru Masamune
and Cenk Uygur as himself

Written By: Bernie Su
Directed By: Bernie Su
Produced By: Allison Vanore

Executive Producer – David Tochterman
Executive Producer – Bernie Su
Executive Producer – Cenk Uygur
Executive Producer – Steven Oh
Co-Executive Producer – Tracy Aftergood

Coordinating Producer – Jennifer Rufer
Co-Producer – Joshua Weiner
Consulting Producer – Jackie Koppell
Consulting Producer – Shawn Dwyer
TYT Consultant – Malcolm Fleschner
YouTube Coordinator – Lori Webster
Editors – Bert Hidalgo, Laurence Cohen
VFX – Jonny Greenwald

Assistant Director – Eric Leja
Director of Photographer – Allen Ho
Production Designer – Katie Moest
Wardrobe Supervisor – Jessica Snyder
Gaffer – Dustin Supencheck
Sound Mixer – Rakesh Anderson
Script Supervisor – Michele Haberman
Key Make-Up & Hair – Taschi Lynell
Make-Up & Hair – Bianca Lopez
Make-Up & Hair Assistant – Tana Medina
Writer’s Assistant – Yolanda Rodriguez
Key Set PA – Peter Liu

Thank you to Libor Janicek

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