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Charlie Sheen’s Lindsay Lohan Advice

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A bit like calling the kettle black, Charlie Sheen is doling out advice to another wayward star — Lindsay Lohan.

“I have some things I think she should consider, cause I don’t tell anybody what to do,” Sheen said today on The Dan Patrick Show on DirecTV. “Work on your impulse control … just try and think things through a little bit before you do them.”

Calling into the show for the second time this week, Sheen spoke about Lohan’s recent legal troubles, in which she’s accused of stealing a $2500 necklace. “They’re so desperate to vilify,” he said, presumably referring to the media.

Sheen also clarified some remarks he made Monday about his future with “Two and a Half Men.”

“I don’t have any answers,” Sheen said. “I can’t tell people what to do. I don’t come from a place of judgment or opinion.”

Sheen, who’s currently undergoing substance-abuse rehab at his home, told Patrick that shooting gears up again on Feb. 28 and he is scheduled to report March 1. Sheen, who has a two-year deal, said he wants to do the show next year.

He also sounded more contrite about his bosses at CBS, saying how “grateful” he was when they “showed up at our house and said ‘It’s getting really obvious and we’re really worried about you.’ They came in man to man and said ‘We have to shut it down.'”

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/charlie-sheen-offers-advice-lindsay-lohan/story?id=12931785

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