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Can You Make It Through This Video Without Freaking Out?

Are you Trypophobic? Don’t worry medical professionals say it’s not a real phobia.
Inspired by Donna Dickens Post “Trypophobia Makes Your Skin Crawl”
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Reverse — Horror

Intermission Music


“Holes in the Desert” by Leonard Ripper/Flickr Creative Commons

“Lotus Flower Seeds in Kew Gardens” by Elias Daniel/Flickr Creative Commons

“Cheese Please” by Patrick Hoesly/Flickr Creative Commons

“Bubbling Soup” by Blakharaz/Flickr Creative Commons

“Honey Comb” by Karen and Brad Emerson/Flickr Creative Commons

“Where the Wasps Got In” by Capt’ Gorgeous/Flickr Creative Commons

“Octopus Legs” by Fresco Tours/Flickr Creative Commons

“Puppy Dog” by Nikkorz/Flickr Creative Commons

“Deep Fear of Businessman” by Homeart/

“Stable Fly” by NHNZ Moving Images/


“Human Bot Fly Removal” by Eli Adler/Vimeo Creative Commons


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