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Million Dollar NYC Apartment for…A 2-Year Old?!

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“Think you’re spoiling your child? Think again. A CCTV story is making international headlines after a New York City real estate agent revealed that a Chinese mother purchased a $6.5 million apartment for her toddler. Sotheby’s senior vice president Kevin Brown told China’s CCTV that he showed apartments all over …

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Why Didn’t Anything Change After Sandy Hook?

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“President Barack Obama said Newtown changed everything. But it didn’t change Washington. Two days after 20 first-graders were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School in what Obama has said was the worst day of his presidency, he took the podium at the memorial service with a simple message: Americans’ …

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Thieves Steal Entire Bridge in Turkey

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“Earlier this month, the inhabitants of a small village in the Golcuk district of the Turkish province of Kocaeli awoke to find something different. The village’s main bridge over a local creek — all 22 tons of it — was gone.”* Thieves somehow stole an entire bridge in Turkey, and …

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Man Assaulted Over Penis Drawing on Face

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“Everybody knows the rules of binge drinking and bro-habitating: When you pass out anywhere beside your bed after a night of beer bongs and body shots and yelling at sports, you are fair game for a variety of pranks. You may wake up surrounded by stupidly placed bananas, or with …

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President Jimmy Carter’s Interview with Cenk

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Cenk Uygur sat down for a special interview with former President Jimmy Carter. The Carter Center has taken huge strides in fighting against Guinea Worm, and it’s primed to be the next disease to be completely wiped out. In the interview, Carter answers some important questions– he was the last …

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