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iPhone 5 Giveaway Update – MUST WATCH!

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USE THIS LINK & LOG IN – http://www.younow.com/!/gaming/Lewis.Hilsenteger FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER – http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Tomorrow’s (Sunday Sept 30) live show and winner announcement is happening at 5PM ET here – http://www.younow.com/!/gaming/Lewis.Hilsenteger East Coast North America = 5PM Tomorrow Central North America = 4PM Tomorrow Mountain North America = 3PM Tomorrow …

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Butt Chugging: Alcohol Enemas Deadly?

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“A University of Tennessee student denied “butt-chugging” wine, but bloodstains, his injuries and eyewitness accounts told a different story, UT records released today show. The members of fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha apparently chugged the wine — through one orifice or another — as part of a “blackout party,” with one …

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Mayor Lives On Food Stamps For A Week

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“As part of Hunger Awareness Month, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton chose to experience what life is like for the 1.1 million food stamp recipients in Arizona. Last week, Stanton, a Democrat, took part in a community challenge to live on a food stamp budget — just $4.16 to buy food …

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Obama Ad Spending Crushing Romney In Ohio, Florida

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“In the biggest media markets in two electoral-vote-rich swing states, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s advertising efforts have been crushed by those of President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. A review of political ad contracts with broadcast television stations in the top five media markets in Florida — Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, …

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Obama To Cut Social Security And Medicare?

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“Obama, in an interview with Woodward, acknowledged he was open to nudging reluctant liberals on Medicare and Social Security if Republicans were willing to deal on taxes. “‘I am willing to move on entitlement reform — even if my own party is resisting, and I will bring them along — …

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The WORST Pet Peeves!

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Romney Torture Memo Leaked

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“…In one of his first acts, President Obama issued an executive order restricting interrogators to a list of nonabusive tactics approved in the Army Field Manual. Even as he embraced a hawkish approach to other counterterrorism issues — like drone strikes, military commissions, indefinite detention and the Patriot Act — …

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