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Yvonne Chu Makes an Immortal Old Fashioned – From Our Sponsor

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At its core, the Old Fashioned is a simple, balanced combination of whiskey, bitters, sugar, and citrus. Because of this simplicity, making this immortal cocktail can be a sort of ritual for bartenders, each step building toward a perfect, balanced Old Fashioned. With a big, full whiskey like Knob Creek® Bourbon as a base, this ritual can be incredibly personal for each bartender, allowing for experimentation and interpretation.
To take a deeper look, we tapped former Sinclair bartender Yvonne Chu to shows us how the Boston hotspot mixes up their take on the Old Fashioned. Knob Creek® Bourbon has a subtlety and aroma that is fully expressed in this cocktail, through the use of peach bitters, lemon, and just the right amount of ice.

The Sinclair isn’t the only spot in Boston where bartenders are participating in the Old Fashioned ritual. Rather than simply adding a dash of bitters and an orange slice right into the cocktail, the Beehivecreates a “drunken orange.” To make this decidedly unique citrus ingredient, they marinate orange slices, angostura bitters, and simple syrup for over 24 hours. At the Top of the Hub, head bartender Arley Howard embraces a muddling technique, taking orange slices, light brown sugar, Maraschino cherries, and bitters and muddling them in the bottom of the glass before adding Knob Creek® Rye Whiskey and a dash of ginger infused water.

But while each mixologist and bar has its own take on this immortal drink, there is one thing that remains unchanged and critical to the best Old Fashioned: the big, full flavor of Knob Creek®.

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