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What’s More Popular, Congress or Cockroaches?

“How far has the public’s opinion of Congress dropped?

Well, let’s put it this way: Cockroaches are now more popular.

Also: colonoscopies, head lice, traffic jams, Genghis Khan, used-car salesmen and Brussels sprouts.

A survey by Public Policy Polling finds that the federal legislative body has suffered in the wake of the last-minute showdowns over the fiscal cliff. For example, those surveyed said they had a higher opinion of root canals (56 percent) than Congress (32 percent).”*

People either really love cockroaches or Congress is laughably, horribly unpopular. People were polled on their opinions of Congress, and well, things like Nickelback and colonoscopies are considered more favorable. But good news! Congress is still more popular than gonorrhea. Cenk Uygur breaks down the whole list and explains why Congress is so reviled.

*Read more from Thomas Burr/ Salt Lake Tribune:

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