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Vote For Essie Justice Group – Google Impact Challenge 2015

Support women with loved ones in prison, Vote for Essie Justice Group here: https://impactchallenge.withgoogle.com/bayarea2015/charity/essiejusticegroup

Building a movement to empower women with incarcerated loved ones.

One in four women in America has a family member in prison. These women are left to manage finances, care for children and hold families together, often at an enormous personal cost. Essie Justice Group will build a movement to support and connect women, and empower them to advocate for change in the justice system. With our grant, Essie will reach 1000 women and families over the next two years, and impact thousands more by shifting public attitudes and criminal justice policies.

MASS INCARCERATION HURTS WOMEN #StandWithHer http://standwithher.org/

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