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U Can’t Cut This – A Sequester Music Video

Rapper 50 Billion of The Billionaires is joined by several of The Young Turks in a satirical music video parody of MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.” “U Can’t Cut This” is an ode to the notorious sequester, a product of our utterly corrupt American political system. Both parties are to blame. The Republican stance that the defense budget must not be cut is hypocritical considering their core belief in cutting both deficits AND taxes. The Democrats are not much better with respect to military spending– Obama has expanded the use of drones; failed to close Guantanamo; and continues American participation in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere. According to The Washington Post, we spent $718 billion on defense in 2011, an amount greater than the military expenditures of the next 13 countries combined. Our defense budget is clearly bloated, and yet Republicans would like to not only NOT cut defense, but spend more.

Background dancers: Ana Kasparian, Kim Horcher, Lauren Windsor, Jayar Jackson, David Koller, and Tim Frisch.
Produced and written by Lauren Windsor, host of The Undercurrent on TYT Network.
Directed and shot by Tim Collins.


You can’t cut this.

You can’t cut this. (oh-oh oh oh oh oh-oh) (x2)
The-the-the se-quester will hit us so hard,
makes me pray to my Lord.
No thank you for blaming the GOP
in the media and on the street.
It feels good when you’re wearin’ the crown.
You’re a superhyped Commie straight from the Chi-town,
and you’re known as such.
Defense is a budget you can’t cut.

I told you, Obama, you can’t cut this.
That’s how the GOP’s rollin’ and you know
you can’t cut this.
Despite all our debt, man, you can’t cut this.
Let me bust your funny math.
You can’t cut this.

Same old game and rants.
You wanna raise taxes, there’s really no chance,
so move that out of your mind.
Stop being naïve and fall in line.
Republicans, hold strong.
Say no to revenues,
prove Obama he’s wrong.
He’s whack, he’s whack.
He’s on a mission to pull the army back.
Military cuts are too much.
Defense is a budget you can’t touch.

Man, I told you, you can’t cut this.
Why you standing there, Obama? You can’t cut this.
Sound the alarm, Republicans will filibuster.
You can’t cut this.

Something is wrong with the system.
Makin’ ’em dependent is what your givin’ ’em.
Now, when you talk about Medicare,
you talk about a government that’s big and broken.
Seniors die– I’m not jokin’.
Democrats–you gotta learn,
we don’t compromise…
Man, you’ll always get burned.
Your birthplace, it ain’t legit.
We know you’re from Kenya,
so you might as well quit.

You can’t cut this. (oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh) (x2)
Shake him down.
(Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh) (x4)
Stop! Sequester time…

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