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TYT Partnering With A… Bank? What IS This? Cenk Explains

Wilmington, North Carolina-based Live Oak Bank (http://www.liveoakbank.com) is the third-largest small business lender in the country, and the sponsor behind The Young Turks’ popular “At the Bar” segment.

In this clip, Cenk Uygur and The Redd Collection’s Michael Carpenter talk about the bank’s history, how the sponsorship opportunity arose and why a partnership between The Young Turks and Live Oak Bank makes so much sense.

And if any viewers are looking to start a small business and in need of a loan, get in touch with Live Oak Bank and let them know where you heard about them!

About Live Oak Bank:
Live Oak Bank (http://www.liveoakbank.com) was founded in 2008 with one goal: provide business loans to independent businesspeople in niche industries. Today, Live Oak is one of the largest originators of small business loans with one of the strongest loan portfolios in the country. We have extensive experience lending to selected niche small businesses as a preferred Small Business Association (SBA) lender. Having such a keen industry focus and industry experts on board, enables the bank to offer an exceptional level of service to each customer.

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