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Man With Romney Face Tattoo Changes Mind

“Two weeks after telling ABC News he did not “regret the tattoo at all” the man who got the Romney ‘R’ logo tattooed on his face for an eBay bid of $15,000 has changed his mind.

“I had a little change of heart,” Eric Hartsburg confessed, saying he will now have the tattoo removed.

Hartsburg said he could live with touting the logo of a losing candidate, but what pushed him over the edge were Romney’s comments that President Obama won the election by giving “gifts” to certain constituencies.”*

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss Eric Hartsburg’s “about face” on his Romney face tattoo. He says Romney’s comments about Obama giving gifts changed his mind. Or perhaps he realized it was a just plain horrible idea.

*Read more from Sarah Parnass/ ABC News:

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